In-house logistics outsourcing


At Gesgrup we offer the outsourcing of logistics processes at your company’s facilities. We know that transforming fixed costs into variable costs allows clients to reduce risk and focus efforts on core activities, so we help convert fixed costs into variable costs through unit pricing.

We carry out comprehensive management of the required in-house logistics services

We are aware that the logistics department requires a large number of resources to function properly and for this reason, we are responsible for all the processes, the necessary human resources and we ensure that the entire supply chain works properly. We are specialists in the integrated management of warehouses, in the processes of cross docking, picking, loading and unloading of goods and handling, always offering added value to our clients.

In the logistics outsourcing sector, reliable technological means are also required to obtain the desired results focused on production, therefore, we optimise processes and improve quality with our engineering department with the search for continuous improvement towards excellence.

We offer a comprehensive Outsourcing service covering the whole Iberian Peninsula

Our origin and strength lie in our ability to quickly select and contract the necessary resources in times of peak workloads. This is possible thanks to our presence in over 40 branches throughout Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands) and Portugal, especially in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Lisbon.

We also identify and establish KPIs and service levels with the client, monitor them and, in turn, link our fees to their degrees of compliance. In all processes, quality remains one of the values ensuring compliance with current needs and regulations.

We can help you:

  • Integrated warehouse logistics:

    Gesgrup's team will be part of the integrated logistics of your company and will be in charge of reception, storage, order preparation and shipping.

  • Cross-Docking Processes:

    we receive all goods from one point of origin without the need to keep them in stock, thus optimising time and reducing the infrastructure required for logistics.

  • Packing and Handling:

    we prepare and pack all orders prior to shipment.

  • Loading and unloading of goods:

    we have bulk and/or palletised containers, with specialised equipment that is flexible to client needs.


Unit prices and productivity

We convert fixed costs into variable costs through unit prices (unit, box, pallet, line).

Process optimisation and operations improvement

We optimise processes and improve quality with our engineering department, with the search for continuous improvement towards excellence.

Results by achievement of objectives

We identify and establish KPI's and service levels with the client, follow up with the client and, in turn, link our rates to their degrees of compliance.

Ad-hoc results reporting

We collect all the service information that the client needs in dynamic information panels. The objective of reporting is to increase the speed and quality of decision making.

Own labour agreement

Our agreement allows us to make structures more flexible and adapt resources according to forecasts and needs.

Maximum contracting capacity in peak workloads

Our origin and our strength come from our ability to quickly select and contract the necessary resources at peak workloads.

Legal department and extensive experience in employee subrogation

Sectors in which we have provided our solutions

Parcel and courier services.



Food and beverages.




Legislative, operational and economic service analysis

HR planning and technical resources

Operational plan: Service level KPI's

Service start-up

Continuous improvement and reporting

Frequently asked questions

In-house outsourcing is the outsourcing of services that are carried out “in-house” at the client’s organisation. Companies outsource to free up their own resources so they can be fully devoted to their core business. At Gesgrup, all logistics services are carried out at the client’s company premises.

  • Integrated warehouse logistics
  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Cross-docking processes
  • Packing and handling

Our services:

Outsourcing industrial

Industrial outsourcing:

At Gesgrup we take care of finding the optimal outsourcing of the phases of the production process.

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Manipulación de productos

Product handling:

We offer a comprehensive service carrying out all types of handling of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) thanks to the experience we have in the sector.

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Servicios auxiliares

Auxiliary services:

Gesgrup provides a solution for every need by offering all types of auxiliary outsourcing services.

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